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Community training programme

Thrilling episode!


A young candidate who went through Satchi Recruitment’s community engagement programme took a part time job in the local gas station since she was attending the university- we trained her on many things including safety.


Anyhow, she called us back few days after she started her work of the episode she faced.


She was put on the till without much training and a gunman with a facemask kept the gun on her and asked her to empty the till and handover the cash, now, we have trained her on few eventualities like this because the consultant who trained her has worked in similar positions, when he was attending the university, and was beaten up twice and was interviewed by the police in plain clothes hence he was fully equipped with the whole process.


She has kept cool head and told the gunman” you are very young like me and do you want to spoil your future for a small amount of money. He has apparently taken a moment and gone away.


She not only saved her life but also saved his future without pushing the alarm, this all has happened so quickly and after he went she went to the room behind her to the manager’s office who called the police, now, they were panicking because she was put on the till without proper training and it was only few days after she started.


Police came and interview her and asked whether she needs counselling and so on and she brushed off and went to work the following day against the advice of the police.


Now, she came back to us after few years and wanted help on prepping up for an interview with a well-known pharmaceutical company. We knew well that she will get the job because we told her to narrate the story if they ask as to how she has reacted in a difficult situation in life. Now, she is a well-respected member of the company.


I know that our training would have played a part but some have this knack in their DNA.


It’s not only pleasing that all went but also it left a lasting effect on us, that’s, even when you are trying to save your life please thing about others, she could have easily called the police immediately and put him behind bars. Everyone deserves a second chance in life.





Feedback from client

Recently we had a unique challenge, a dental practice in Harrow approached us to hire a dentist who should not only be efficient but should be equally be pleasant and caring with the clients.


We immediately used our network to bring in a dentist who is from Harrow but was working for a practice in Newcastle and we felt the pulse of her pondering to come back to Harrow through our professional forum and the match was simply perfect to say the least.


Importantly, both parties are profoundly happy and the employer called Satchi Recruitment to say, “that his clients are really happy and the whole ambience is vibrant and full of energy,” there is no better inspiration for a recruiter than this.

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Feedback from candidate

We were engaged for an accountant’s role through an asset management firm.

Now, we really focused on one candidate after filtering him and gave lot of training and interview preparation.


We asked him to work with our sister company for two weeks on SAGE accounting package to regurgitate his knowledge on the software plus Excel and asked him to write answers from his brief working experience and during his school life followed by mock interviews with his sibling and record and send it to us before we interview him few times. Also, we advised on appearance and how to project his personality.


He was selected out of seventy-five applicants who all had honours degree, that was a prerequisite, and he is doing chartered accountancy which his paid by the firm while he is progressing well in his job.


His line manager has asked him recently as to who prepared him for the interview and told him,” your answers were spot on,” it’s very humbling to us.


We also provide career advice and mostly ask accountants to do exams in project management in IT through our business partners or with tutors from outside.

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